RES in the power grid - welcome to the ENEA OPERATOR conference


During the event, experts from Enea Operator will describe how to effectively and quickly connect a generation source to the distribution network.

They will also characterize the cooperation between the company, which is an electricity distributor, and the RES sources already connected.

They will suggest what to pay attention to when deciding on the construction of a new generating unit, and above all they will remind what are the most important obligations of both parties, resulting from the EU Commission regulation, called SOGL guidelines.

The conference will also focus on Enea Operator's efforts to connect even more renewable energy sources to the grid it manages. There will be talk about investments already made, but also about modern solutions on the grid that are at the stage of implementation or functional testing.

The event will be an excellent source of information for generators who are significant users of the power grid.

We invite everyone interested in issues related to the energy transition that is happening right now!

It is not to be missed!

The event is organized by: