PSME Energy Storage Forum



Energy storage facilities are increasingly being installed by households, businesses and energy clusters to complement photovoltaic installations or other generation sources. For prosumers, energy storage is a guarantee that their photovoltaic installation will not be shut down by the distribution system operator during peak production times, and continuity of power supply in case of grid failure. For entrepreneurs, energy storage is a way to reduce the cost of doing business, reduce the carbon footprint, increase the reliability of supply and improve the quality parameters of electricity.


Thanks to storage facilities, energy clusters are able to balance energy generation and consumption, increasing local energy security. Available subsidy programs make the decision to purchase an energy storage facility easier. Often, however, potential investors do not have access to reliable knowledge about available technologies, the profitability of this type of investment or the assessment of risks.

The forum organized by the Polish Energy Storage Association during GREENPOWER / EXPOPOWER 2023 will provide a compendium of knowledge about the energy storage market in Poland, formal and legal aspects, technical and business models for the use of energy storage facilities and the principles of selecting storage facilities.

Come meet energy storage market practitioners on stage in Linden Avenue!


PSME Energy Storage Forum
16.05.2023, MTP, Linden Avenue, Stage




Energy storage in Poland: current state and potential for market development. Legislative and non-legislative initiatives of the Polish Energy Storage Association


Barbara Adamska, President of the Polish Energy Storage Association




The investment process in energy storage facilities step by step - legal regulations


Maciej Szambelańczyk, Partner at WKB Wierciński, Kwieciński, Baehr Law Firm






Stabilisation of the grid and technical balancing - new functionalities of energy storage facilities


Szymon Piasecki, Product Manager for RES at Apator SA




Financing of investment and research and development projects


Dawid Piaskowski, Senior Key Account Manager, E-Adviser





Business models for large-scale energy storage: energy storage in the power market and DSR


Dr. Piotr Szczeciński, Polish Energy Storage Association




Energy storage in a zero-export formula based on the example of a pilot facility


Damian Koziol, President of the Management Board and Owner, MEB Group




Presentation by Impact Clean Power Technology S.A.


Bartłomiej Kras, President of the Management Board,  Impact Clean Power Technology S.A.




Advantages of using storage systems in a company


Sławomir Suski, Technical Director, MP Solar Group / Growatt Polska




Investment in energy storage and RES sources: risk hedging


Rafał Sroka, Polish Energy Storage Association






The role of energy storage facilities in building local security of electricity and heat supply