Thematic scope


1. Electrical power engineering – materials, devices, systems

  1. Resources, technologies and appliances for generation of electricity in conventional power plants and in cogeneration
  2. Renewable and alternative energy sources
  3. Technologies and appliances to limit the effect of electrical power engineering on the environment
  4. Materials and appliances for transmission of electricity with overhead and cable lines
  5. Central and local heat distribution systems
  6. Surveillance systems, instrumentation systems and equipment, and control system in electrical networks
  7. Materials, equipment and appliances for telecommunications
  8. Power conversion systems
  9. Appliances and technologies for uninterruptible power supply
  10. Appliances, devices and security systems for HV, MV and LV transformer/switching stations
  11. Lightning protection and surge protection appliances and installations
  12. Meters and gauges of electrical values
  13. Sensors and detectors of non-electrical values
  14. Electrical installation elements and systems
  15. Automation and production process control systems
  16. Technologies, equipment and tools for construction and operation of transmission and distribution power networks
  17. Special machines and vehicles for power industry
  18. E- mobility
  19. Sources of light and lighting equipment
  20. IT hardware and software in electrical power engineering
  21. Nuclear power

2. Electrical power engineering - sale and services

  1. Electric energy trading
  2. Construction and installation, repair and maintenance services
  3. Wholesale and retail sale of materials and appliances
  4. Financial and management services
  5. Information, publishing and media services